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On this page you'll find sheet music and practice chanter recordings of our tunes.  Click on the pdf link to view the music or the mp3 link to hear the recording.

 4/4 Wings March Medley-    
 Wings  pdf  mp3 
 Scotland the Brave  pdf  mp3
 Rowan Tree  pdf  mp3
 Rowan Tree w/ 2nds    mp3 
 3/4 Retreat Medley-    
 When the Battle's O'er  pdf   mp3
 Green Hills of Tyrol  pdf   mp3 
 Balmoral  pdf   mp3 
 Balmoral w/ 2nds    mp3
 6/8 March Medley-    
 Garryowen  pdf  mp3 
 Brothers Three  pdf  mp3
 Brothers Three w/ 2nds    mp3
 Atholl Highlanders  pdf  mp3
 4/4 Star March Medley-    
 Star of County Down  pdf  mp3 
 Star of County Down 2nds  pdf  mp3
 Blue Bells of Scotland  pdf  mp3
 Fireman's March  pdf  mp3
 Fireman's March 2nds  pdf  mp3
 4/4 Minstrel Boy Set-    
 Minstrel Boy  pdf  mp3
 Flett from Flatta  pdf  mp3
 Rakes of Mallow  pdf  mp3
 Amazing Grace Medley-    
 Amazing Grace  pdf  mp3 
 Amazing Grace w/ Harmonies    mp3
 Honor Our Fallen  pdf


 Going Home  pdf  mp3
 Additional Funeral Tunes-    
 Suo Gan  pdf  mp3
 Danny Boy  pdf  mp3
 Highland Cathedral  pdf  mp3
 4/4 Armed Forces Medley-    
 America the Beautiful  pdf  mp3 
 The Caissons Go Rolling Along  pdf  mp3
 Caissons w/ 2nds    mp3
 Halls of Montezuma  pdf  mp3
 Halls of Montezuma w/ 2nds    mp3
 Anchors Aweigh  pdf  mp3
 Wild Blue Yonder  pdf  mp3
 Semper Paratus w/ 2nds  pdf  mp3
 Auld Lang Syne  pdf  mp3
 Other Tunes-    
 Glasgow City Police Pipers  pdf   
 Itchy Fingers  pdf  
 6/8 Snare  pdf  
 4/4 Snare  pdf  
 2/4 Snare  pdf  
 3/4 Massed Band  pdf  
 Honor Our Fallen  pdf  
 Complete Street Beat  pdf  
 Highland Cathedral  pdf